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Learning to Knit Part 1: Knitting Heritage

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My Mum taught me to knit at the age of I think 8. She was taught by her Mother, my Nana.  I love the idea of it being handed down along the matrilinical line…Nana probably learned from her Mother, but Mary Ada was a bit severe in later life, can’t imagine her doing anything like knitting, but then again perhaps she did, prim and upright, tension tight and regular, nothing out of place… however to get back to Nana, who was everything Mary Ada wasn’t…


Nana was a quietly amazing woman. At about the age of 80 she had a stroke and was paralysed down her right side. This is probably why I don’t have memories of her knitting, but boy could she crochet –after having taught herself to do things with her left hand that is.  Nana crocheted square after square for the Red Cross, she was still going strong into her 99th year…who knows perhaps she still would if the taxi drivers hadn’t suddenly refused to drive her there (H&S issues apparently), she kinda lost the desire to live and slowly faded away 4 months short of her 100th birthday.


I dabbled with knitting for several years, making dolls clothes, experimenting with mixing different oddments of yarn, textures and colour combinations and then, when I was about 15 or 16 a book came out  Knitting Masterpieces – making pictures with wool ! I was hooked – it didn’t take me long to complete the “corrupt official” and the “Toulouse Lautrec”…and then I discovered other books…


Teenage years can cause friction between mother and daughter, but Mum and I, I think have always had knitting at least in common. But some years ago she came down with RSI (that’s 30 years as a computer programmer for you) and hung up her needles so to speak…I kept going…I didn’t think I would ever stop.


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