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How rude of me, I was so excited at getting the parcel of yarney gorgeousness that I just leapt straight into blogging and didn’t bother introducing myself…so some history.


“My sister knits” was going to be the name of this site, but just before I ventured into cyber space I discovered that “My sister’s knits” was already in use for a yarn shop in America somewhere and was one of the contributors to a book I’d recently got out of the library One Skein Wonders.


I was a bit of an unusual teenager. Was probably described as nerdy, after all glasses, head in a book all the time (even when walking to school) and…I knitted ! What sort of 13 year old knits for godsake ? Me, I preferred to think I was creating a form of art. I was a bit unartistic in all other ways, but I could do this.


At this point I was going to insert a picture of me and my favourite jumper the Toulouse Lautrec from Knitting Masterpieces, knitted at the age of 17 and still going strong some 20 years later…but the only one I have features a horrid 80’s perm I wish to forget about !


Years later I discovered that my brother, who I loved and hated in equal measure (but then this is the essence of a sibling relationship) was proud of me. Not because of my degree, the going back to college to get a postgrad qualification, not the struggling on low paid jobs in order to qualify as a lawyer or the further determined striving to get into a field of law that I was happy with (environmental) but no, he was proud of me because “my sister knits”. Its always the unexpected that catches in your throat.


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