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I used to knit

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Having knitted through the teenage years, the student rented accommodation (including the 18 yo sister of a friend leaving £10 for something I had just finished knitting as she thought it would look better on her !) , through my 20’s knitting for friends having children, knitted through the house renovation from derelict hole to Victorian gothic heaven (OK that was just the bedroom), into my 30’s and marriage…I stopped.

There were no reasons for ceasing to knit, I think it was just a gradual process, a number of factors lead to a decline in activity and then a final abandonment of the needles when I became a Mum myself.

Contributing factors

a series of boyfriend’s who smoked

– an incidence of competitive knitting when 2 german flatmates of a boyfriend, grabbed my needles and proceeded to show me how much more efficient their continental style was

lack of cash and a growing dissatisfaction of knitting with acrylic

not realising that I should be lengthening sweaters to deal with the fact I have a long long back (and very short legs)

living in a house full of plaster dust and builders rubble for 4 years whilst I renovated it

hating making up, especially when making toys


more kittens

and then when I was expecting what is now my boy, I just didn’t have the energy to knit…and after he was born I had neither time or energy.

So, last November in a fit of organised zeal I placed my stash on freecycle and threw away all the half made bits stored in plastic bags under my bed

I became an unknitter…


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Cake Baker

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