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The monsters under the bed

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Under my bed with my stash lurked some horrible monsters that just zapped my enthusiasm for knitting, mainly because I was wracked with guilt everytime I looked at them and had to remember just how long they had been WIP’s.

The worst of all was a black white and brown cotton eifel tower, roses and fans jumper dating from 1987 (teenage years, magazine Pins and Needles), I’d been knitting this on and off since my  O levels, part of the reason it took so long was that during the student years I couldn’t afford the yarn and tended to buy 1 ball at a time as and when I had the money…the other draw back was the number of ends that had to be weaved in plus some of the struts on the tower and the bars of the fans had to be embroidered – making up was going to be a big job and therefore I delayed finishing it so that I could just avoid the task.

Second on the list was a lilac 4 ply jumper I’d been making for an Auntie since 1990…as that Auntie had passed away in 2003 I figured perhaps it was time to put the jumper to rest…

Also lurking is my attempt at a shetland wedding shawl. Inspiration from Pins and Needles (the sewing/knitting mag my Mum bought most of her married life til 1990), yarn used was as close as I could get to lace during the 80’s from my LYS, either a Patons or Sirdar 3ply, might even have managed to get a 2ply – that lurked in bag getting grubbier and grubbier from house move after house move, slightly tea spatted from my time at university, waiting waiting waiting for the final ball to finish it off…

Finally, assorted bits of baby clothing for friends started and never finished – these just got chucked. The other articles were frogged and freecycled with the rest of the stash.

The only things I kept were 2 balls of Debbie Bliss (recently bought) waiting to become a tiger hat, odds and ends waiting to become the clothes for a bear my Mum had knitted (last thing before she gave up) and a bag of green wool I’d borrowed from a neighbour to make a dinosaur puppet…this was it, my last stand knittingwise, after this I would even give the needles away.

So I cast on in black to start the tiger hat – and that is possibly where the trouble started…


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