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FO: Saartje’s Bootees

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Saartje's Bootees

Saartje's Bootees

Pattern: Saartje’s Bootees

Yarn: Rowan 4ply cashcotton

Needles:2.75mm (unbranded metal)

Time: a kid’s party

The lovely Vonnie (Adventures of a Lady in Training) was using a pic of her version of these as her pic on Twitter and I fell in love with them immediately. Although I had planned to do them by the end of march they were not next in the queue as I have to finish off the dinosaur puppets and knit yet another Tiger Hat before my boy’s birthday at the end of the month.

However I had a party to go to yesterday and I didn’t want the hassle of carrying several balls of double knit around with me, let alone carrying the pattern book with me , so I took these and ran them up in less than 2 hours…they are not quite in keeping with the pattern as I didn’t know what longtail cast on meant.  Also I didn’t have any 2.5mm needles so I took a risk on 2.75 being ok tension wise, and it seems to have worked.

Just needs some small buttons to finish them off.


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