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Who needs a crash helmet ?

Who needs a crash helmet ?

When I was expecting the arrival of “Gonzo” (the working title for what eventually became the delightful young man above) I had planned to knit, after all, I’d knitted for every other baby I knew so why not my own ? But it was not to be, my copy of Double Knits:Zoe Mellor remained untouched throughout the entire 9 months.

But to say that I haven’t knitted for my boy (who for the purposes of blogging is called Spider, his name for himself) would be untrue. Just before his 2nd birthday I finally managed to knit him the Tiger Hat from Double Knits which he absolutely adored for the 4 hours it was in his possession before it got left behind in a cafe in Banbury. He was devastated, because he loved Tigers…but he got over it, or so I thought. For his third birthday I’d managed to find the time to make the bear hat from the same book, but at some point over this last year it seems to have disappeared.

When I bought the wool for the bear hat I’d also bought some Debbie Bliss DK in orange and black to redo the tiger hat. When I destashed I kept it back as I’d hoped to make a christmas present for the next door neighbour’s son with it – one of the last 3 projects I ever intended to do.

Spider, saw me knitting and started asking and asking for another hat and so that’s why one wet February day I was wondering around John Lewis, surfacing 30 minutes later without the orange and black wool but clutching a hank of kidsilk haze and some mirasol (electric purple and so so soft)...


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