Being Frank…

Accepting my failings

London Commute

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“What is she doing here on our train ? Our early morning oh so serious people only dress in black and grey train ? Our train where people read important papers for important conferences, read auditing magazines or tap away furiously on lightweight laptops ?


She, with her plastic cook shop carrier bag and her knitting magazine, yellow trainers and pink fleecy jacket doesn’t belong here on this train full of working people, how dare this stay at home mum catch our early train. Shouldn’t she be at home getting her children ready for school ?”


So sorry that I offend. If you like I can whip out my journal of planning and environmental law so that I blend in with the rest of you unsmiling serious people, but in 90 minutes I will have the joy of “Regional Spatial Strategies” and listening to important people tell me things I need to know, and since my employers don’t pay travelling time I intend to enjoy this train journey as me time, to enjoy the sunshine and the flowers, to read what I like…for 90 minutes I just want candyfloss for the brain…I can be serious later…


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

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