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Having spent a week or so thinking about it, I have come to the conclusion that the real reason I stopped knitting was that I was bored.


I mean when you think about it, I’ve basically been doing the same thing since I was a teenager namely picture knits with the occasional bit of cabling thrown in for variety. I have also fallen into the habit of using acrylic for everything, picture knitting otherwise can get very expensive as sometimes you find yourself paying for a full 50g when you only want a couple of yards ! Also when knitting for children I have to force myself to use anything but acrylic as they grow so fast and only get a years where out of something, whereas some of my jumpers (made with wool admittedly) are still in reasonable nick some 20 years later – or would have been if I hadn’t donated them to the RSPCA charity shop at the same time as I destashed.


I hate acrylic. I really hate acrylic and I am not going to use it again unless the pattern calls for it.


What I am looking for is a year of “innovation” from me that is.  I am going to try and make sure that everything I make from now on teaches me something new. I am also going to try and use more natural fibres and try and make sure that what I create comes up to my personal threshold of “beautiful”…although I probably have a slightly warped idea of beauty but the story of my photography project (City and Guilds) can wait for another day !


Apparently, this year is the year if “natural fibres” anyway so I guess it is timely !


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

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