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FO: Finally, the Dinosaur Puppets

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just hatched

just hatched

Pattern: From  Making Dinosaur’s

Yarn: Odments of green and brown, mainly DK

Needles: mainly 3.25mm

Time: Far too long

The intention was that after these were finished I’d lay down my needles – I now know that this isn’t going to happen.

The good news with these is that I met the deadline. The bad news is that in order to finish the brown one off I ended up buying more yarn as the multicoloured brown/green was really really horrible.  Most of the brown puppet is left over copper cotton from a scarf (waiting finishing touch) but I also bought 2 balls of brown acrylic (25g) from Jackson’s in Reading and a ball of weird brown fluffy stuff with no label from the oddments basket…I therefore have more yarn to use up rather than less.

Both children loved the puppets and the paper mache eggs – although I doubt these will last long…I am relieved and lightly proud of these. I really hated making up as there were too many ends to weave in and lots of little bits to sew on. Arms could have been better unfortunately it was only when sewing the last arm on that I finally understood what the pattern was trying to say about folding it over !


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