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It is perhaps unfair to blame either Spider or John Lewis for the fact I’ve gone back to the needles. I think it possibly started at Christmas and then a conversation with some work colleagues got me thinking again…and by the time I went looking for tiger wool in John Lewis I was probably just looking for an excuse.


At  Christmas my Mum gave me several balls of Snowflake Chunky and a pattern for a cat tea cosy. I’d asked for a tea cosy for Christmas – she decided I could knit one – I hadn’t told her I’d hung up my needles…I spent several days stroking the yarn, and decided that OK, one last item after I’d finished the 3 unfinished items that survived the destash.


Then at work one Friday lunchtime we were noodling around the internet trying to find a cause that we could make cakes for – we like cake competitions at work, any excuse for a bake off. One colleague Portia (we’re lawyers and she has a name that sounds like a race car anyway) discovered an organisation that raised money for Sailors…and to cut a long story short something on their website led me to trying to prove to them that you could knit a hat in an evening.


One evening later I had an incredibly large red hat…and the start of a need to knit…at the same time as I picked up the red yarn for the hat I’d picked up 3 balls of pink wool as I’d also, whilst noodling on the internet I’d come across the Jenny Chant appeal – so I made a start on a 2 metre pink scarf.


I learned 2 important things from this charity knitting


1)                  I probably should do tension squares more often, especially if substituting yarn

2)                  If you are knitting for charity and money is raised by selling the object then the item should be beautiful and something people actually want to buy…and if its being given for people to wear then it should be something they want to wear.



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