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Stash and Stash Envy

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I have stash envy. That’s not surprising you are probably thinking, since you destashed before Christmas and now don’t have any stash at all.

But no I had stash envy before. You see my stash was always comprised of left over bits that you probably couldn’t do anything with, and even if you did the finished product would take ages because there would be so many bits to weave in. I was therefore envious of knitters who had a proper, organised stash. Those people who could see a pattern and go, ah yes I have x balls of Rowan Whatever DK which would be perfect for that.

These people know what they have, where to find it and know what changes they need to make so that the finished item looks good…my stash was a box of mixed up bits under the bed that never seemed to go down…plus odd balls that I picked up in sales but never used as I was saving them for “something special” .

So I am going to try a new approach.

  • I am going to check my tension before starting – that way I hopefully will feel more confident about yarn substitution
  • I am not going to buy “bargains” unless I have a strong idea of what I am going to do with it 
  •  I am going to find patterns that use up my oddments on a regular basis so that I don’t end up with a large box of bits lurking like a scarey spaghetti monster under the bed 
  • I am going to be stricter with myself and not start something new if there is something waiting to be finished off 
  •  What stash there is will be organised, the labels kept with the half balls

Things are admittedly already going wrong – so I am going to spend April putting myself back on track. I have already partly done this with the wonderful Dead Fish Hat – but I need to find some space in the house as a “knitting corner” where I can keep all my paraphanalia


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