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Happy to be bored: Fairy Gothmother Lite

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I am currently knitting something that is delightfully boring. Its mainly garter stitch with one row being a drop stitch – you could probably get the same result by knitting every 4th row with a larger needle. It is not very interesting to knit and actually a nice change after all the things I’ve been tackling this last month, which really got me out of both my rut and my comfort zone.

My son has a Fairy Gothmother who gives the most fantastic presents to her goth son. She also has a birthday at the beginning of April and I am working on something special. And yes OK I am working to a deadline but as I said above its quite a boring knit and not something to tax the brain – I also happen to be about 60% through it already.

Its USP is the yarn. It is made out of 3 skeins of 100% silk and 2 skeins of mohair and it feels lovely…it won’t look quite as dramatic as the one I have in my head as the lilac/purple mohair I bought felt horrible and fake, whereas this Rowan Kidsilk is kitten soft. I couldn’t find silk in black at a price I was willing to pay, so instead of a black and purple goth style wrap I have a fairy ballerina style silver and pink wrap. Silver silk I could get and I had a spare ball of pink Kidsilk Night available (and a cheap source for more).

Anyway I am totally bored and looking forward to a challenge now, having had several days rest, so am hurrying throught the next 40% to tackle something a bit more taxing…I also have a backlog of Finished Objects to put up here so I may do that when I get bored of the knitting dream I am currently wrapped up in.


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