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FO: Wilf’s Frogged Seafoam Scarf

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Pattern: One Skein  Wonders

Yarn:Rowan Kidsilk Haze brown/grey – 50g

Needles 4mm

Time: several evenings

New: mohair, frogging

Knitted for  a friend in New Zealand on the basis something lightweight would be cheap to post. Also good pattern for someone out of practice –  apart from the increasing at the each end (to create an eyelet pattern) it is straight garter stitch…easypeasy !

I’m not new to mohair, but am new to soft mohair. 1980’s mohair was a bit harsh and artificial to the touch whereas this, at least for the first half of the ball was lovely and soft. Towards the end though where the “fuzz” had been squashed by winding it did get  coarse in texture.

The main new thing I learned from this was how to “frog”…to think I’ve spent my life calling it unravelling, it’s amazing what you can learn from the internet!

This 1 skein project said knit until you run out of yarn. I did. It looked a bit short and really needed an extra ball for a good fit. But then I think it would lose something aesthetically – I didn’t like the idea of a long triangular tale down the back…so frogged the whole thing

As a result of recently discovered perfectionism – will no longer knit anything that isn’t beautiful – Wilf is without a birthday present – and since her birthday was the 10th March I suspect knitting something new is out of the question.

Lesson Learned: Plan more in advance when making things for deadlines !


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