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FO: This year I be mostly wearing hats

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I have made a lot of hats this month as March seems to be when most of Spider’s friends have birthdays. The first one was made out of guilt when realizing that I perhaps the birthday present I was about to give was inadequate compare to what Spider had just received.

I spent a hurried week making this.


Previously written about in March…

Of course as soon as I’d finished this it was straight into finishing off the dinosaurs and the previously mentioned tiger hat (for Spider)- knitted in acrylic this time in case he lost it and because I wanted more “give” in the hat as the largest size given was for a 2 year old.

But having knitted one hat for one friend, of course I felt honour bound to knit the next friend a hat too…taking inspiration from GlittyKnittyKitty.


Pattern: Dead Fish – Knitty
Yarn: Assorted oddments of left over acrylic approx 100g
Needles : 4.5mm dpn
Time: 3 evenings and a morning
New: knitting with double points !

It was perhaps a bit of an ambitious project for someone who had never knitted with more than 2 needles before, especially in view of the fact that I had a deadline of less than a week. But once I’d managed to tame the octopus it wasn’t too bad…unfortunately taming the octopus took 2 evenings !

Most of the yarn was left over from the 2 dinosaur puppets and the tiger hat – but I also had a 25g of yellow bought by mistake, or it may have been bought to finish off the teddy bear which is the last of the “monsters under the bed”.

Problem is of course that Spider now wants one of these hats too…planning on a Nemo version as I have a lot of orange and black left over…but not yet…there are too many other deadlines at the moment.


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