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FO: Tea Swap Tea Set

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Pattern: Fiesta Tea Set (interweave)

Yarn: Sirdar Cotton

Needles: 2.75 and 3. 25 dpn

Time: a week of hell

New: circular knitting, more dpn practice, I-cords and variations on I-cords, using hairspray!

I signed up for a tea swap about a month ago because I’m a tea addict. Totally ignoring the fact that I am not exactly crafty and part of the requirements of the swap were that you made something with a tea or coffee theme.

Mostly I bake. I waffle on about cooking on a separate blog Appetite for Cake. Not being convinced that cakes would travel well I looked around for something I could knit which wasn’t a tea cosy and found this.

It probably would have been a nice knit had I chosen better yarn – this stuff split like you wouldn’t believe, most of the time spent making up was spent weaving in split ends that were sticking out all over the place.

Used hairspray to stiffen it slightly…

What can you use it for? Well it could be a dust gatherer, or you could use it as containers on a dressing table…probably the best use though is as a toy for small children.

I had been planning to use the left over cotton as the start of a hoodie for Spider (Waves from March issue of The Knitter) but not keen on doing a whole garment in such a splitty yarn.


Author: 5currantbuns

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