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Can one be as much fun as two ?


Having purchased Creepy Cute whilst on holiday (holiday madness ?) I though I’d better learn how to crochet and have taken out from the library Learn to Crochet:Sally Harding.

The book is as helpful as it can be, but the problem is I just don’t understand diagrams – guess its a lawyer thing, we’re just better with words…

Casting on ie making a chain is ok – I understand that, I can do the first row, whether in a round or actual rows…its after that that things start to get a bit hazy and confused – ok part of this was because I kept forgetting to do “turning chains” – I also started to lose track of the number of stitches in a row, and when doing a round couldn’t work out where I’d started off from…

I am hoping that part of my problem is down to the yarn – first time I tried I used some of that awful sirdar cotton that I have left over – this lunchtimes effort has been with dishcloth cotton, which I am praying is causing me problems because its too thick for the needle (4mm) – its also splitting quite a lot…it could of course just be sheer incompetence on my part !

Its quite a short book, only 79 pages and I have it for 3 weeks – so I guess I perservere and see where I get to…if all else fails I guess I shall have to see if I can persuade Mum to give a tutorial, hopefully RSI is no bar to teaching someone !


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5 thoughts on “Can one be as much fun as two ?

  1. Crochet Unravelled by Claire Bojczuk is my answer to crochet problems! It was recommended to me by my crochet tutor (2x 2hr sessions a while ago) and it has very clear diagrams with text that not only supports the text but can be used alone.

    • coool – will keep an eye out for it – 5 minutes with Mum has established what my problem is, but not how to solve it – well she showed me what I’m meant to be doing but I can’t quite remember what that was…

      What was my problem ? I crochet like I’m knitting, albeit with 1 needle !

      • I think Tutor said that means you are moving your hand too much to make the stitches … most of us were knitters and all did the same thing! I’m thinking I prefer knitting.

  2. Just to let you know, the following site has stolen your entire post and put it on their blog:

    I had some success having wordpress support help me get my photos off of the site, but I am not sure about getting the words off at this point. I am just trying to let as many people know as I can.

  3. Many Thanks for the tip – will keep an eye on it and make sure they don’t take anything else !

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