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Eeek! I have acquired stash…

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It’s true I now have a selection of yarns with no planned project for them and no chance of them being used in the immediate future as I have a queue already and several WIP’s…I am in danger of breaching my stash resolution from earlier

Firstly and nicest of all is some Wendy Pure, a tape yarn made from Bamboo. This came from Emma in Aberdeen, my lovely tea swap partner. It is a lovely selection of blues and purples – goes quite well with the Mirasol which I accidentally bought in John Lewis and haven’t plucked up the courage to commit it to a project.

I also have the frogged Rowan Kidsilk Haze and 2 balls of lilac Jaeger mohair plus a free ball of Nord Kiddiprint from Janette’s Rare Yarns…oh plus 2 balls of eyelash picked up cheap from Dunelm

OK it’s not a lot as stashes go, but stashes have a habit of growing…especially when you take into account oddments such as the Sirdar Luxury Cotton from the teaset – this was not nice to work with.

I have also acquired one or two books along the way through Amazon’s “used” service – although one of these Domiknitrix: Jennifer Stafford was cancelled by the seller for “other” reasons just before posting – I think they realised that selling a book for 99p when you only get £2.75 for postage wasn’t a good deal when you are shipping from the states.


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One thought on “Eeek! I have acquired stash…

  1. Forgot, I also have 2 balls of kidsilk Spray (vino) and 5 balls of kidsilk night (pearl) from Stash Yarns of Chester, but these are part of a planned project

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