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The other day I came across 3 balls of Twilley’s Freedom Spirit (99p each) in the odd balls basket of Jackson’s in Reading – although they felt nice and were in 3 very nice colourways I left them there – being a good girl and living up to my no stash resolution. I had no immediate plans for them and therefore there they should stay.

Couldn’t get them out of my head though, especially when I found out that this stuff didn’t just feel nice but actually felt nice as in they were good for felting projects – felting being something on the current “tick list”.

Of course when I went back the next day they had been snaffled by some other lucky punter – all 3 of them, I’d have been happy if they had left me one, as one would have been enough to make the mobius bowl from last months Knitter Magazine – oh well !

I was not completely out of luck though. I had been making a soft cotton hat using the remains of the Sirdar cotton. The intention was to use the red and blues as striped and then use the green and yellow to make the flower – but when I got knitting I found that the 2 blue stripes looked so good together that I couldn’t bear to contaminate them with the red…yes I knew I was being silly, I knew I’d never reach the end of the hat before I ran out of yarn, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Anyway fortunately a wonder person called Jane on Ravelery has come to my aid and there is hopefully winging its way to me through the postal service, a ball of the French Navy cotton which should be enough to do the crown.


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