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FO: Fairy Gothmother Lite (Mulberry) and Wingnut’s Tea Cosy

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Pattern : Mulberry from Collinette Arboretum

Yarn : Rowan Kidsilk Night (Ballerina), Debbie Bliss DK Silk (silver 02)

Needles: 4mm

Time Taken : 3 weeks on and off

New : knitting with silk, blocking – yep, never blocked before in 25 odd years.

I have finished the FGM Mulberry. I am not going to put a picture up as I was not very happy with the end result – I think part of the problem is that I don’t like knitting in pink and the sooner I accept this fact and stop buying the stuff the happier I will be!

I don’t mind pink however when it’s in something like this…



Pattern : Skull tea cosy from Halloween Mania

Yarn : ever present DK black acrylic and some pink

Needles: 5.5mm

Time Taken : 2 hours end to end

New : er, well it’s a tea cosy, never made a tea cosy before… oh and knitted with 2 strands at a time

The teacosy was an absolute doddle, but unfortunately lots and lots of ends to deal with due to the 2 stranded knitting. The Mulberry again was easy – biggest problem was finding room to block it as the house was full of various ages of “boy”.

The skull tea cosy was going to be for Wingnut, a climbing amazon who thinks I don’t get out enough on to rock (true)…but it was given away as an Easter present following a flying visit to some friends in the lake district on friday night – if I get the needles out tomorrow I should be able to knit a replacement before she comes to visit…only have found a different pattern and more in line with the pirate motif that has suddenly invaded my life…


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