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I kept with the crochet and I thought I was finally getting the hang of it. Am much happier when doing rounds, which is fortunate as its mainly crocheting rounds for the Creepy Cute stuff – my main reason for learning to crochet.

I very quickly though got a bit bored with going round and round, as after all this object was never actually going to be anything, it was just a sampler – so I started riffing and seeing what sort of effect I could achieve, sort of crochet doodling… and this was the result…


Must admit that what it reminded me most of, prior to the riffing around, was a Judges wig – these are usually made out of horsehair, but are usually a greyish white and have the same kind of texture as this dishcloth cotton – somehow however I think that an Amigurumi Judge would have a fairly limited market, restricted to the stranger members of the legal profession and recently divorced people who want to practice a bit of voodoo!

I was feeling quite pleased with myself and elated. I’d always assumed that crochet was a fairly rigid format – guess its because most of the patterns I’d seen were based round geometric shapes – yet it was clear that you could go completely off pattern and the stitches didn’t mind if you didn’t come back to them – unlike knitting where one stitch is so intimately connected to the ones above and below and to the side…

Anyway when I showed Mum she was interested to see what I had been up to, but burst out laughing when she saw me actually crocheting “You’re knitting, that’s not how you do it…” There then followed a quick demonstration of how to hold the work, the yarn and the needle followed by demonstration of how you work a double and a treble…. Of course I can’t for the life of me remember what these were, fortunately my sister in law has recommended another book with much clearer diagrams – so let’s hope a diagram dunce like me can get to grips with it.

I have however realised that what I have always admired about crochet, the crispness of the stitches and the “straightness” of line actually comes from the fact that most crochet I’d seen was worked in cotton – so if I can’t get the hang of this 1 needled magik, perhaps I could try reworking the Creepy Cutes so that they are knitted – but suspect this would be admitting defeat!


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