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Bank Holiday Quick Knit Fix

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Over the weekend we had a flying visit to the Lake District, partly driven by the fact they top dressed the fields outside on Thursday night and it smelt something awful, partly because we hadn’t seen these friends for about 2 years.

Anyway I took the Creepy Cute book with me some white cotton and a crochet hook. I had a horrible trip up the M6 fighting the cotton and the hook all the way – by the time we got to Kirby Lonsdale I had crocheted a golf ball sized head and was crying out for the more civilised 2 needled sport.

The Craft Cottage in Kirby Lonsdale came to my rescue supplying me with not only a ball of Noro Silk Garden, but a pattern and a very cheap pair of 5mm – I was a much happier and nicer person after that – the 5mm are very short, which I like, most of my needles are looooooooooong (30cm usually) and are cumbersome to use…but if the 5mm don’t become a permanent addition to kit then I may give them to my goddaughter who I bought the Usbourne How to Knit book one Christmas but failed to provide wool or needles (thoughtless godmother !).

Anyway on the return trip down the M6 I made this [details] in between navigating (went off route early on)


Pattern Hareton

Needles: 5mm

Yarn Noro Silk Garden (no 248 I think)

Time: 2 hours

New: First time with Noro, I’m hooked…

This is a present for a friend, I don’t want to give it up….guess its easy enough to make another…


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