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FO: Totally Indulgent Scarf in a Bag Part 2

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Some weeks ago I was looking for oddments of brown wool and came across a half price knitting kit ( a Patons scarf in a bag), cheap as the beads were missing as was the “handmade with love” label…I think I’ve mentioned before that I got sucked into it by the lovely copper colour of the cotton and it was only later that I discovered that I’d basically scored a virtually free pair of needles and pattern paying just slightly more than the retail cost of the cotton…which not only made a scarf but contributed to the dinosaur pattern that I was looking for the brown yarn oddments for.

I made the original scarf at the beginning of March, no pics as I’d lost my camera – this is a reprise made of the same yarn but this time a nice bright spring like green, which I’d already bought before the intended recipient revealed that her current favourite colours are red and purple ! The pattern is very straight forward being every other row purl and the knit rows either an increase or a decrease row lacey type pattern.


Pattern: Patons Skinny knit scarf

Yarn: Patons Cotton

Needles: 4mm (a lovely metallic red !)

New: Nothing this time, but the first time round, possibly knitting with beads ?


Author: 5currantbuns

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