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FO: Yo Ho Ahoy and other nautical expressions

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 Its time to get some of my finished works out the door. I have that feeling that I have too many WIPs but in reality there are only 3, its just it feels more because there are quite a few finished and nearly finished things sitting in the basket by the fire.

A few days ago I ordered some Lett Lopi from Stash Fine Yarns of Chester (I love the service it is lightening fast). The intention was to knit something and then shrink it deliberately in the washing machine. I’ve mentioned this previously; see the “horrible hairy hand knit post below.

A wonderful coincidence of a birthday, finding a fantastic pattern that would be perfect for that birthday and placing an order for the Lopi resulted in this:


I’m so pleased with the result that I’m itching to do another. It probably needs a bit more felting but I don’t have enough control over my washing machine to put it through again and as it’s a present I don’t want to risk ruining it. 

On the next one I think I would use 4 small balls of the blue so that I’m not carrying quite so much yarn across the back as it pulls the stitches out of shape – normally for intarsia I would consider this a real no-no, but with felting it doesn’t show quite so much.


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