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Has been happening here, I’ve just not been feeling well enough to write about it…there are a few WIPs and quite a few FO’s…there are also rather too many things where the knitting bit has finished and I’m just waiting to sew up…oh and there are a few cock up’s where I am trying to work out what I should do for the best, frog, sew it up differently or try and shrink it in the wash.

When I last posted here I was all set to do a “season’s outfits” for small plastic dolls as a replacement birthday present for my goddaughter, having once again got head size wrong and ended up making a hat which was too big for a 7 year old – unfortunately it was also too big for a 38 year old as goddaughter’s mum loved the hat and would have liked it as her own if it had been slightly smaller.

Anyway after posting I started making dolls clothes as fast as my needles could do it…fortunately I had only made 1 dress before we took my goddaughter for a day out (may bank holiday) when, sitting watching the rain fall and eating the traditional english picnic (in the car) we had the following conversation

“so what dolls do you have ?”

“I don’t like dolls…”

You have no idea how happy I was to hear that, having 2 days before after finishing off that 1 dress deciding to knit her a felted handbag instead as I had realised that knitting an unspecified doll a whole wardrobe was going to take for ever  – the knitting would have been fine, but there was far too much making up involved !

Anyway, handbag, which will appear up here shortly with the other one I did for Mrs Lacer (Lacer’s Life) was a “palpable hit” – how do I know ? Because the handmade birthday card I received the other week had a perfect picture of it with a poem about the “Handbag of Glory” (similar to Edward Monkton’s stuff Penguin of Death etc).


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