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Over the bank holiday weekend I was a little “one track” and was concentrating mainly on finishing off the Jenny Chant Scarf which has been lurking at the bottom of my “work basket” – I basically had to ban myself from thinking about any of the things I’d rather be knitting (or thinking about knitting following a birthday visit to IKnit, London) and just channel all my energies into this one scarf.

may 2009 090Now it’s not the scarf’s fault, it’s me.  Admittedly I hate knitting large amounts of rib especially with 3.75mm needles as it grows so slowly but the real problem is my aversion to pink…at least that’s what I thought, but when I did finally stop knitting (It wasn’t 2 metres long but when I weighed it in the kitchen it weighed 150g which was the main criteria for the scarf, 3 balls of 50g) I thought well lets try and get all this out the way in one go and made a start on the second scarf (I’d bought 3 balls of 100g), only this time with horizontal stripes.

This second scarf isn’t too bad and I can only put it down to the fact that I changed the order of the stripes – this scarf, once you get over the pinkness, the ribness and the 3.75mmness isn’t quite such a nightmare to knit – I’ve had to put it on hold though as I only have 1 pair of 3.75mm and they were needed for something else, which is slightly more urgent as children grow quickly and you can’t take ages when making something you want them to have more than a months worth of wear out of.

The bank holiday weekend was also the first posting date of a “Travelling Scarf” group which I had joined on Ravelry so I may 2009 057was firstly busy chasing around the countryside trying to find a postbox that would give my scarf a fighting chance of getting where it needed to be on tuesday morning and then secondly playing around with various ideas for my contribution to the scarf I had received that morning.

The idea of a travelling scarf is that each of you knits a section of scarf and then posts it to one of the other members of the group (same one each time), you then knit a section of scarf for all the scarves you get sent until you receive your scarf back again.

There are no other real rules other than that, although some people ask for particular colours or types of yarn or other criteria. Mine is a word association theme, the idea is that the person knits whatever comes into their heads on seeing the last section of scarf, does not have to be a word such as this one, you could interpret it by colour or by stitch or whatever…you can also lie about what comes into your head !

may 2009 091may 2009 094 I was lucky in my first contribution as Karyann sent yarn along with her scarf so all I had to do was think what stitch I wanted to do.

Karyann’s starter is on the left here, my section of “DNA” is on the right, knitted on 4mm which seemed to match the tension of the starter square, sort of, possibly should have used 3.75mm but as mentioned before I only have 1 set.

The final scarf was a last minute present for a friend of my (the Fish Hat in March was for her son). Now the problem with knitting for people in May is that you can’t really give them winter woollies and when I think of this friend I think of chocolate brown alpaca, soft and lovely and lots of cables – not practical as a may birthday present – so instead I’ve gone for something colourful and light which can be used in the evening to brighten a black dress (a sort of shawlette) or used as a scarf in September when it starts getting chilly again.may 2009 102

Pattern: Whisp from Knitty

Needles: 5mm

Yarn: Laines du Nord Kiddy Print

New: Fishnet Lace ( a new stitch to me)

I ran out of yarn towards the end so it is not as large as the original and I decided against adding the buttons – it seems to have been well received…

June’s knitting will mainly be trying to finish off a cotton hoodie for Spider before he grows too big for it, this is a very slow knit as it involves  colours and is on 3.75mm, but apart from getting the order of the colours wrong I am quite pleased with how this one is working out.


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