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I have spent most of the last 3 days concentrating on making Mum’s birthday present and I think I’m on target for having it finished by her actual birthday, at least I will now I’ve got the bits I need to finish it off, having dragged my family remorselessly around various shops in Leamington Spa looking for it.

One of the side benefits of  yesterdays shopping trip was that I finally discovered the whereabouts of  “Web of Wool”, who kindly pointed me in the direction of the shop that I actually needed. As a “thank you” I bought a pair of short 3.75mm. I decided that it was pointless trying to continue with just 1 pair when I have so many things on the go. It also got me wondering as to why I have struggled on for over 20 years with such long needles when I actually prefer knitting with short ones.

I also purchased some sock yarn. Its plain. It’s black. OK it’s slightly silky but I wanted to have a go at making socks for socks sake without being in awe of the self striping properties of the yarn. You see I really really don’t understand this handknitted sock obsession – I have always suspected that getting a pair of handknitted socks as a christmas present would be my idea of a present from hell…but since these pages are about changing habits and attitudes of a life time I think I should at least give socks a try.

But time for some discipline. I am not allowed to start the socks until I have reduced the WIPs to a more manageable level so I’m back on the scarves. I have another metre to go on Jenny Chant II and I have already finished my section of the latest travelling scarf.  Tillymint sent some stretchy shiny purple yarn with her section so all I had to do was think of a stitch, which wasn’t hard as the yarn was calling to me that it wanted to pretend to be webbing. I will do a seperate post in about 2 months time with all the travelling scarfs, I don’t want to spoil anyones fun by putting them up here now.

Once the JC scarf is finished I have some hats to sort out. The biggest dillema is what to do with “Rosie” which is the cotton hat that came out far too large. Actually that seems to be a common problem for me as the charity sailors hat came out far too large too.


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