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FO: Purple Camouflage Hat

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I started knitting again last February when a brief trip round John Lewis resulted in me finding myself standing in the high street with a ball of some lovely soft mirasol in “electric purple” and a brown/grey ball of kidsilk haze – 3 months later and the kidsilk had been knitted into a shawl and then frogged, yet I was still waiting for inspiration for the mirasol.

The mirasol was destined to be a chemo hat for a lovely work colleague who used to leave purple inspiration on my desk when she thought I looked blue. Well the mirasol has finally turned itself into a hat,but I am not sure about it. I’d like to think its because I chose the wrong pattern, but the truth is I’ve started and frogged several patterns before I chose this one, and I think that it may be that I don’t like variegated yarns.

I love the yarns when you see them in the shop as a skien, all those lovely combinations of colours calling to you from the shelves, but often they just don’t seem to knit up in a way that does justice to the yarn, and I’ve tried knitting this up in a variety of widths but its just not doing it for me at all…perhaps this yarn wanted to be a pair of socks and not a hat after all.

Anyway, here is the finished object and a rare picture of me – please note that this is not an intentional copying of the style of the magnificent knittivists over at Glittyknittykitty – I had problems finding something I could take a pic of the hat on which didn’t also involve revealing that I haven’t vacuumed for about 2 weeks – the sunglasses belong to one of my stepsons and is a vain attempt at obscuring what I look like.june 2009 005 I ran out of yarn so the flap at the bottom is not quite as long as I would have liked. The button is one left over from a big chunky cardigan that I made for a friend some 13 years ago and I haven’t found a home for it until now…I think perhaps the button is the nicest bit…I may just donate this hat to some good cause or other as I have had a better idea for my Purple Princess.

Pattern: Pi Topper Chemo Cap

Yarn: Mirasol Yarn Chirapa

Needles: 4.5mm

New: knitting a hat in the round, mirasol, variegated yarns

If anyone wants the hat then please drop me a line before Friday when I shall be posting a number of the charity knits off. I’m getting ruthless with the house and the clutter as I’ve had a brilliant idea for making sure that I can keep all my equipment in order and prevent it getting mixed up with all the boy toys that fill the house.


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