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A cunning plan to get my brother out from under the bed


My actual brother is alive and well and living in Berkshire and, as far as I can recall can’t fit under his bed as it’s a divan. The brother I am referring to is a Brother PS-31 sewing machine last used with intent (if I remember rightly) in 2001.

Despite having knocked the house down some 18 months ago and rebuilt it with a 50% increase in space there still does not appear to be sufficient room for the 3 of us (plus weekend inhabitants). This is all down to inadequate use of the space available and not having finished off the house yet.

At present Husband and I share a wardrobe, at some point there will be a built in wardrobe. In theory sharing a wardrobe shouldn’t be a problem because although Husband has a lot of clothes I have very few. It doesn’t work however because although I have close to no clothes, Husband really does have A LOT and the wardrobe is really very very small.

As a result, apart from about 7 hangers in the wardrobe most of my clothes are under the bed in boxes. Also under the bed are 2 boxes of year/yarn ends, my sewing machine and a jumbled crate of sewing bits.

Why I want to get the sewing machine out and in use has a lot to do with my lack of clothing. Now I know that a lot of women claim that they have “nothing to wear” but in my case it’s true because I hate shopping; I am a horrible shape; I have an internal northerner who on seeing the price on an article of clothing goes “how much ?”; I have no confidence in my ability to by clothes that suit me; Oh and I am reluctant to buy clothes anyway because they all seem to be badly made in the first place – have lost count of the number of pair of trousers whose hem fall down within the first week.

I did periodically buy from charity shops but now everyone is buying from there the choice is going down and the price is going up. So I have decided to give making my own clothes ago as at least this way I stand a chance of them fitting properly, I might find something I like, I don’t have to go through the trauma of shopping and if they fall apart I only have myself to blame.

Sure you can buy clothes cheaper than it costs to buy the material to make them, but then the material is usually poor quality anyway and, as mentioned above they tend to fall apart (whether its supermarket, Next M&S whatever none of them seem to last anymore) – so the way I see it I have nothing to lose. Admittedly my sewing experience is limited to a ball gown, several pairs of curtains/cushions and a roman blind – very proud of the roman blind as I didn’t follow instructions but worked out how to do it myself – but I have never considered lack of experience as a bar – the only way you ever master something is by trying it in the first place.

So this morning, making the most of Husband’s absence (he’s gone to Le Mans) I am rearranging the house, primarily by commandeering the wardrobe in the stepsons’ bedroom for my clothing, after all Teenager keeps very few clothes here and those he does keep seem to be all over the floor !

Today the house, tomorrow the world… Mwahahahaha !


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Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “A cunning plan to get my brother out from under the bed

  1. Good luck! I’m getting to feel the same way about clothes, distrustful of anything that is cheap (i.e. affordable) and can’t afford anything too expensive! I can recommend the book I made the trousers from S.E.W Sew Everything Workshop, although having said that my clothing problem with brought clothes is that trousers always fall down at the back, it’s getting embarrassing, but can’t go for a smaller size because of my comfort eating tummy, so even when I made the trousers from S.E.W. they still fall down at the back! I’m thinking of making the obi belt in the latest issue of Sew Hip magazine to cover any gaping flesh (can also recommend that magazine, although the skirt in this months issue is a bit teeny bopperish).

    • Was impressed by your trousers BTW…have been toying with getting a book called “Yeah, I made it myself”…but mainly because it has a kimono pattern in it…have a weakness for all things japanese – sewing machine is now downstairs and I’m looking at it trying to remember how to thread it…

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