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Accepting my failings


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Apologies to my Mum for the title of this post but it is an accurate reflection of my mood and the fact that I am kicking myself at the moment.

Started the front of the Waves hoodie last night. Am about 20 rows into the chart when I look over at the sleeve of the hoodie which is lying on the sofa following some photographing. I suddenly realise with horror that I have the order of my colours wrong. I unravell the front all the way back to the moss stitch border, roll the yarn up and put it all away for the evening – can’t face doing anymore.

As I put the sleeve back in the bag also I realise that I’d been looking at it upside down. Yep, I’ve just frogged 20 rows of perfectly good knitting for nothing.

I hate myself right now – looking for something simple to waste tomorrow evening on as I can’t face reknitting the front just yet – perhaps it’s time to sort out Rosy…


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

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