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I haven’t been posting much on either blog of late, partly due to internet connection problems and partly because I used to write most of them during my lunch hour at work and instead I go out for a walk in a futile attempt to shift the blubber around my midriff  (muffin tops ? hell I’ve got a whole brioche sticking out the top of my trousers !).

Anyway I’ve  been using the time in the evenings at home that I used to waste noodling around on the internet to try and finish some of the WIP’s (trying so hard to be disciplined and not start anything new). So I have 2 Jenny Chant scarves now finished, (ends weaved in etc) in vertical and horizontal scarves respectively.

I also have made inroads into the cotton hoodie that I am knitting for Spider. It’s the Waves hoodie by Sasha Kagan from The Knitter magazine. I changed it to shades of blue plus lilac as I didn’ like the colours used on the one shown in the magazine. I will admit that the lilac doesn’t work where it is and if I were to do it again – which I won’t as it’s a very annoying jumper to knit – I would change the order.

Anyway, this is what the pattern looks likejune 2009 022


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