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What to do about Rosie ?

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Rosie (Rowan Magazone no 25)  is the hat I made for my god daughter. The hat for a 7 year old which was far too big even for Husband. It looks like thisjune 2009 025I think that if I can get it to the right size then it may actually be quite a cute hat, something a 7 year old girl would quite like, in fact her Mum (age 38) is quite taken with it if it wasn’t for the size – I think its the  power of the flower.june 2009 027Rosie has been sitting in my workbasket for about 2 months now whilst I’ve tried to decide what to do with her. I possibly unwisely decided to unravel her and reknit – this has so far resulted in a birds nest of multi coloured cotton and after yesterdays unravelling incident I can’t quite face reknitting her – what I need is something simple to calm my slightly frazzled nerves – Rosie is not yet a nice simple knit but she will be if I can ever make sense of this mess of cotton.


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Cake Baker

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