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I’m knitting, but it’s far too hot. I’ve mothballed the alpaca scarf and the 2 hoodie’s for Spider, can’t face any of these until the heat dies down…so I’m trying something new and to be honest it hurts !

I was in Rugby today buying a present for Spider, the pre-school has an end of year meeting with parents prior to heading to reception in September, and this is, sad to say the first time in 2 years that I’ve had an in depth conversation with anyone about how my boy is doing, and I’m pleased to say that he’s doing well, he is “on target” they won’t say more than that but they did indicate that he’s a bright boy with an amazing vocabulary -so yes, he’s earned the playmobil roman catapult.

Anyway on the way back to the car I spotted a sewing shop. We stopped and I splashed out on 2 meters of red cotton with big white spots – think Minnie Mouse – my sewing machine however is still dust covered as I also bought a reel of 28 gauge red wire.

An hour of torture and blisters later I have a very very small square of wire knitting which I have squidged into the shape of a heart…I am not convinced it is worth the effort…we’ll see what the other one looks like and whether with a bit of work they look like earrings.


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