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I stopped off between meetings today to deliver some courgette plants to my sister in law/brother – as usual we did not talk just reacted to children telling us things we “never knew” – the email conversation later was about knitting with wire – I had admired with a look a bracelet she was wearing…later she had checked out Being frank and noticed I’d been knitting with wire, as had she (not yet confirmed whether it was that bracelet)…but aside from jewellery, Islay enquired was there any point in knitting with wire?

Well I guess it depends on how inventive you are – some of the jewellery designs I’ve seen have been really cool but I probably wouldn’t do it because it involves too much investment in beads and fixings and I’m not sure I want to go there.

I have just invested in a knitted wire book as it was going cheap on Amazon, will list it here when I finish the second heart earring but it is mainly jewellery…I am also knitting at the moment a shirt made with a yarn devised from wire…which is much much more flexible but I am just not sure…

The question Islay raised is “is there much use for knitting with wire (in view of the fact it hurts) other than jewellery ?


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