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My sewing machine has sat in the dinning room for over 3 weeks now, a brooding presence in the corner, silently accusing me of fear and failure. Well this weekend I conquered the fear, I found the instructions, threaded it, wound the bobbin on and all the other things you are supposed to do before you start a sewing project – even tested the tension.

I plucked up my courage and took sissors to the material, I cut and tacked. I pressed all my seams and neatend them – I’ve even tackled putting a zip in, having found a whole batch of assorted zips I’d picked up from somewhere along the line. Quite brave really – shame its all wasted effort as I’ve already ruined it all by cutting the skirt too short…

I am not deterred though, whilst I was picking up some interfacing from Dunelm for the waistband I also picked up 2 more lengths of cloth to have a play with – and even if I have messed up the “Minnie Mouse Skirt” (red with big white dots), it only cost £8 for 2 metres…

I hadn’t planned to sew this weekend. I am trying to finish off some of the part finished knitting projects. If I make a real effort for the rest of the week I may be able to finish off at least 4 of them as they don’t really need much to complete. I have

2 red heart earrings (knitted wire) – need to be placed on fittings

Cat Teacosy – needs sewing up plus some wadding

Alpaca Scarf – needs ends sewing in and blocking

Green Bootees  – need buttons, which have been in my handbag for weeks

Steggie – the horrid hairy handknit, just needs the hood knitting

Dolls dress – sewing up, buttons

Going to try and finish all these this week and post the latest version of the travelling scarf


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Cake Baker

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