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I have been ignoring the John Lewis clearance sale, in fact I have been ignoring it for the last 2 weeks. This second week has been much easier as I’ve just had to spend over £300 on the car (service, windscreen, new MAF air sensor). A prudent knitter would buy the yarn when its cheap and stash it until she’s ready to use it but I am useless, as soon as I buy some new yarn I want to see how it knits up and unfortunately I’m incapable of just stopping with a tension square, which is of course how I ended up having so much on the go.

Anyway this week I have been working hard as I promised:

Minnie Mouse Cartoon Skirt – zip in, seams done, need to gather and attach waistband and hem – might take zip out and redo..

Alpaca Scarf – blocking, decided not to crochet round the edge as I’m not good enough

Wire earrings – been looking for the beads etc

Dinosaur Zip up aka the horrible hairy handknit – virtually finished, just need to sew zip in

Teacosy – read make up insts, looking for wadding

Travelling Scarf – latest installment posted.

I’ve also been through stash and bundled up the leftovers to go to a charity in Sheffield and various charity knits ready to post

My halo is glowing…fish tank still needs cleaning though !

ps Not been completley honest about the amount I have on the go, there is still the last of the UFO’s from under the bed, the teddy bear, a test knitted icon (marilyn monroe) and “seatangles” which is a strange top knitted with a yarn based on stainless steel ! I think that’s it, honest…


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