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A lost bear (FO)

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Once upon a time a little boy was invited to a teddy bears adventure party. As the party was in the afternoon his Mummy took him into central Birmingham to watch a scary film about dinosaurs in 3D

As the film might be scary Mummy suggested he might wish to take his bear with him. He might also like to have his bear with him for the party in the afternoon. The boy agreed and the bear was duly placed in the car and carefully strapped in.

The film was fun but scary and the boy was glad that he had his trusty Even bear to cuddle. He held tight to the bear through the film and was still holding tightly as Mummy and boy went on to Think Tank, Birmingham’s science museum.

When they returned to the car, the boy turned to his Mummy and said “Mummy, where’s Even bear?”  Yes at some point whilst wondering around pressing buttons and pulling levers, the boy had put Even bear down and forgotten to pick him up again. Fortunately on returning to the museum Even bear was located quickly, patiently waiting in the same place for his boy to return.

It was agreed by Mummy and the boy that Even bear had had a nasty shock and needed a nice present to cheer him up. The boy wanted Mummy to teach him to knit so that he could make a scarf but instead Mummy agreed to knit one that afternoon and they made a quick detour to Dunelm for some boy sized needles and some wool.

Whilst the boy charged around the nature reserve with his friends making hides for hedgehogs and other games, Mummy and Even bear (who had had quite enough excitement for one day) followed him, Mummy knitting as she went.

That night in bed the bear that the boy cuddled up to was sporting a lovely new red shiny scarf.   The End.

july 2009 001

Yarn – patons orient (red)

Needles: 4mm (child size)

Pattern: Knit, 10 stitches, continue until desired size

New: nothing


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

One thought on “A lost bear (FO)

  1. Awwwww! He looks very smart!

    My worst nightmare, lost bears.

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