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I know that this isn’t my local, but I have a fairly flexible definition of local as being somewhere you can shop easily without having to go out of your way to reach it!

A couple of months ago on the way back from a meeting in London I made a detour round the back of Waterloo Station to Lower March Road and the knitting sanctuary that is IKnit. In my pocket I had £25 birthday money (yes 38yo still have birthday money) specifically given for splurging on whatever I pleased in the knitting line.

There were many things that I liked about this shop but what most impressed me was their “service”.  Due to a slight mix up at the till, one of my purchases did not get put in the bag but was left on the counter. Unfortunately I didn’t discover this until I was about to catch my train at Marylebone. When I phoned up to explain the problem, they couldn’t have been nicer and put the missing item straight in the post to me. Then the other day, again between meetings I nipped in to the shop  to buy and to get some advice on something before buying. Whilst paying for my purchases I asked if I could have my change in 10p’s for the toilets at Waterloo, on hearing of my “need” they did better than provide me with change and  without hesitation they offered me the use of their toilet !

The essentials: IKnit stock a wide range of yarns to suit all purses and budget. The staff are very helpful and knowledgeable about their stock. They are happy to provide assistance and advice if asked but realise the importance of letting customers take their time in deciding what to buy. They can be found at 106 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London, SE1 7AB.

photo of purchases to follow when I find my camera !


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Cake Baker

5 thoughts on “LYS: I KNIT

  1. Argh, I used to work near Waterloo, if that shop had been there and/or I’d known about it, that would have been dangerous! Actually thinking about it, although I did knit ocassionally back then, I wasn’t that keen!

    Luckily (or maybe not thinking about my wallet), Waterloo is my main line station if I need to get into London and I have a few central London trips coming up!

  2. Actually now I remember which street Lower Marsh is, I used to walk down that street every day, so it obviously wasn’t there ‘back in my day’, if it had been I might have got into knitting much earlier!

  3. Think they started off on a market stall…you can’t miss it now, the sign is bright yellow…lots of gov departments round there…you’re not double O Lacer (the names, Lacer, J Lacer) are you…mind you that lot are closer to Vauxhall than Lambeth North…

  4. Ah ha, no I used to work on a government department that used to dream about working in ‘that’ government department.

    Might be able to fit in Iknit today, if I can get out of bed, like now.

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