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FO: Alpaca Travelling Scarf

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I am still  periodically knitting these travelling scarves. I may no,t as originally planned, feature them all on here as I keep forgetting to take photographs before I post them.  This on the other hand is a genuine travelling scarf in that it was pretty much all knitted whilst driving around the south coast a few weeks ago.

july 2009 004

The yarn is 100% alpaca from Toft Alpacas. They ship it a grand distance of 15 miles away to Banbury to be spun and then it is shipped back to Dunchurch (near Rugby) to be sold. This is about as local and as low a carbon footprint as you can get!

I fell in love with the chocolate coloured yarn sometime ago and it took me a long time to find a pattern that suited it…anyway I am very happy with the result.

I love the fact that it is a vertical stitch on one side and horizontal on the other. I also love the magical way that the pattern develops. I started off disbelieving that you could get vertical colours from the stitches as they were set out in the pattern and was left believing in witchcraft!

Yarn Toft Alpaca DK (100% alpaca) in chocolate and cream

Needles: 5mm

Pattern: Ripe (from the Anticraft)

New: nothing


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