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Sometimes the service that you get from a shop is not all it could be. One shop which is local to me has provided a service that has been far from shall we say “prompt”.

The shop itself is well stocked with a wide range of yarns in a wide range or prices. Likewise the knitting “gubbins” suit both luxury and budget buyers and there is a good selection of knitting bits and bobs.  When you are in the shop they are very helpful, there if you need them but keep their distance when you browse.

They also provide a mail order service, postage is free I believe over a certain weight. Now because parking is not always cheap or easy in this particular town (and I’m rarely in a position to go there anyway during work hours) I decided to utilise the mail order service. Also something I needed was not in stock but could be ordered. So at the end of June I placed an order.  After 2 weeks I had heard nothing so I emailed them asking if payment had been OK and whether the delay was due to waiting on the out of stock item. Reply? I had none, nothing, absolute silence.

When my bank statement came through and confirmed the payment had gone through I tried to call them.  I tried several times but kept getting the answer machine but couldn’t leave a message as the machine was full. I began to get concerned that they might have gone out of business, but no, my Mum confirmed that they were still trading. I called again. This time I was able to leave a message and asked them to call me about my missing order. That was Friday. If I hear nothing by Thursday then I may email from my work address – with the automatic signature in place. If that doesn’t get results then I will just have to go into the shop and ask for a refund.

Despite being a believer in supporting your local shops, I don’t think I will be using them again!


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