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FO: Steggie

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About 2 weeks ago I finally finished Steggie. This has not been a happy knit as I chose the wrong yarn, I also bought too much of it, but that hasn’t been a problem because whereas I’m not happy with it as a jumper as a yarn for felting it is truly fantastic.

When I finally finished I realised that although its fine in the arms and the chest, my boy suffers from the same problem I do, namely a long long back. The jumper just doesn’t fit it, or rather it fits now but won’t do by the time the winter comes…not that this is a problem really as there is very little sun around at the moment.

I will be making this again but probably in red and turn it into a dragon – dragons are almost as popular in this house as dinosaurs.

I haven’t bothered putting a zip in yet. He’s wearing it as just a shrug on at the moment. It will acquire a zip before it gets passed on to someone smaller.august 2009 003Needles: 5.5mm

Yarn Lett Lopi

Pattern: Steggie

New: possibly the raglan sleeves, think I did them about 20 years ago, but didn’t enjoy the experience so not done them since.

Notes for next time: Planning on knitting it all as one piece as much as possible to avoid a lot of the seams. Better choice of yarn. Difficulty tracking down a zip means I might put button holes in the next one.


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