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NQFO: The minnie mouse skirt


I have, on and off for the past month or so, been making a skirt…or busking a skirt would be a better description as I haven’t followed a pattern just gone on “instinct”…

I popped into a shop in Rugby towards the end of July (I think) to see if they had some wire for wire knitting and found myself drawn towards some bright red (thin) cotton with big white polka dots and I just knew that this material was what I needed to kick me into dragging the sewing machine out from under the bed, threading it and then trying to relearn what I used to know. I also, at that time happened to have been reading Yeah, I made it myself: Ethine Farry

The sensible thing would have been to have searched for a pattern to suit what I could see in my head (Minnie Mouse)  or a pattern that would make up a skirt that would suit the material or even to have used one of the ideas in the book. But no, I decided I could find a way of “building” what I could mentally see, and yes, it has been a process of construction, and demolition everytime I’ve gone wrong, followed by a rebuild in a slightly different way.

Here is a selection of my mistakes

  • I managed to cock up my measurements and cut the material to different sizes
  • It took 3 attempts to put the zipper in, on the 3rd attempt I realised I had a zipper foot for the machine
  • I cut the waistband too small and forgot to overlap for the buttons
  • my gathers are uneven

It is badly made and wonky but I am feeling quietly pleased with myself now that I have almost finished it – on sunday I am off round to my mum’s to stand on her coffee table so that she can pin the hem up for me so that its almost even.

I have shown myself that I can do it and with a bit of practice might actually make something I’d dare to wear out. Mum suggests I buy a pattern and try making the same thing several times over – she is probably right, but first I have to find something I like.

In the meantime, I think, that at the age of 38 I may have fallen in love with textiles – not with fashion. Fashion can go hang. Me I think I will be happy if I can make something that doesn’t make me look like a sack tied up with string and is from a fabric that I love.

Anyway I have the bug. Earlier in the week I went back to the same shop in Rugby for a small bit of material to line a bag and came out £11 poorer having got lost in the remnants basket – there was also an incident 3 weeks earlier in Dunelm when I spent £20 on various bits and pieces. I am slowly building up a drawer of material with vague plans as to what they are destined to be…for most of them I will actually try and find a bona fide pattern to fit what I want to try and reduce the chance of cock up, but for some I don’t think the pattern has been invented yet, unfortunately I ran out of light this evening before I could take a photo of my “stash” …my family know what I am planning for one particular piece of cloth and I think they are afraid.

Been a busy week on the knitting front. I hope to put some stuff up later in the week but Husband and I are sharing a laptop as a Spider related accident meant that a cup of milk got spilt all over Husband’s laptop.


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4 thoughts on “NQFO: The minnie mouse skirt

  1. I have that book, it was the first sewing book I ever brought.

    Good luck with the skirt, I’m getting the same, to me it’s fabric first and foremost.

    Watch out, you’ll get hooked like me and then you’ll be figuring out how on earth you can afford a serger!

  2. Otherwise known as an overlocker. It neatens edges of hems so you don’t get fraying, like on the hems on a piece of commercially made clothing. I zig zag my fabric pieces before sewing but after a bit of washing it can look a bit dodgy, also makes it easier to sew with jersey apparently . . . and to make your own underwear if your so inclined! I’ve seen one in John Lewis for £199, luckily Christmas and my birthday are close together, so if I ask all my relatives for just money, I might be able to make it!

  3. The skirt looks fine,really does. Can’t wait to see your next project

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