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Most people I know (girls/women anyway) have a selection of “slobbing around the house clothes”, clothes of a loose fit that are as comfortable as an old slipper that they can just shrug on in the evening or on a Sunday morning when they are not going to see anyone. For most of them it seems to be a pair of jogging bottoms or something similar. As I tend to spend most of my working day in trousers my Sunday morning choice is a long black skirt with an elasticated waist and has been since I was 20 and found the first in a series in a lovely and long since gone shop in Reading called Saffron Moon (yes, it was the sort of shop that sells incense and carved wooden objects). The first one was black Indian cotton with black embroidery which eventually washed to a soft as butter feel and on the grey side of black.

One of the remnants I found last saturday just called out to be transformed into a comfort skirt. The shop it came from is called Mo’s Fabric and Dance and since a lot of its clientele are buying material to make costumes for dancing you will perhaps not be surprised to hear that a lot of the material is sprinkled with sequins.

Back when I had my first house and did things like make my own curtains I ordered a lucky dip of haberdashery bits from a firm called Croft Mill (whose catalogues were a thing of joy – sadly they seem to have stopped doing mail order) EDIT at least I thought they had but on searching for a link they seem to have started again but on a slightly smaller scale. Some of the things in the lucky dip were used a long time ago, but some of them I could never see myself using but for some reason I hung on to despite my clearing out last November of all my bits of material and knitting (I am regretting being so organised now !). Anyway when I saw the brown drapey sequined stuff at Mo’s I just knew that it belonged with the length of 2 inch wide elastic that was lurking upstairs…You need to see the picture below to appreciate the true horror of this elastic and understand why I have never used it before !

The material was £3, the cotton 70p from cardiff market and I would estimate the elastic as probably £1 at that. here is the photo of the material – and I promise I won’t be wearing this out !

august 2009 032


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