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FO: A clutch of handbags

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I started knitting again with the intention of trying to move away from the Intarsia/fair isle stuff and to try some new techniques – to try to expand my capabilities. It is with some shame and guilt therefore that I have to confess that I seem to be knitting the same thing over and over again…and in very similar colours.

It’s just I enjoy knitting this pattern and there is a certain childlike fascination with sticking the finished product in the wash and deliberately shrinking it – normally if I did this to something I made I would be shrieking in horror as I removed it from the washing machine instead of the dance of glee and happiness that I actually do!

The first time it was made very deliberately and planned in advance. I followed the instructions pretty much to the letter for Portia at work [here].   The next time was for Mrs Lacer and I played with the colours a bit and the method of construction.

april 2009 025

The next 3 were slightly more hurried affairs where I was running out of time for a birthday present. Firstly for Cookie my Goddaughter who informed me just before her birthday that she didn’t like dolls – so I made her this instead.

may 2009 005

The last 2 were made during August for some very good friends. H’s was very similar to Mrs Lacer only due to shortage of time I only put a skull on one side of the bag and then knitted a shiny red lining out of the Patons Orient I’d used for Even bear’s scarf.  Lovely Lullabelle received one with a flower and a fabric lining…and actually I think she is more in love with the lining material!august 2009 031

august 2009 030

Anyway I think I am all pirate tote-d out now. Time to try something different, something new. I may do some more felting at some point but not to this pattern. I’d also like to stop knitting skulls but that may not happen for awhile as some of the stuff I’ve made recently has been admired and requests have been made!


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