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Sometimes we make promises to people and regret them later. I auctioned myself for water aid earlier in the year or rather my services. I promised to knit whatever the winning bidder wanted. Not quite so crazy a promise as you might think as the caveat was that they pay for yarn – yarn is not cheap so I figured that no one would have the money to pay for decent yarn on top of whatever they bid for my services.  I reckoned without someone who had 2 x 10 balls of rowan wool in their loft.

I will tell you more later in the week about what I am actually doing and why it is perhaps not quite so much fun as it could be.

This evening however I am skiving off. I had a lucky find in a charity shop and after 2.5 days of 4ply I welcomed a change. My charity find is also 4 ply but there is a lot of it and the pattern is fun fun fun. But I can’t say much more as its a present for someone who will love the end result despite the fact that the 100% pure rowan wool came from the British Heart Foundation.


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