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Charity shop treasure hunt

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Having recently purchased a replacement car for the work commute we are on rather a tight budget now. We are also on holiday in the lake district, an area famed, much like wales for rain (we are getting a lot) and sheep.

But instead of searching out rare and unusual local yarns I am trawling the local charity shops for yarn. There hasn’t been a lot but i have managed to track down a few prize items and avoid the acrylic. So far I have spent £3 total and found (so the scales in the kitchen tell me) 150g Rowan 4ply in black, 25g 2ply god knows what in a wet sky blue colour, 50g aran in white, 50g double knit in red – all of which I am certain are 100% wool.august 2009 062


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

One thought on “Charity shop treasure hunt

  1. I am a big knitter and regularly find good quality wool at charity shops.

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