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A thing of beauty


august 2009 058The person who bid and won my services in the Water Aid auction asked if I would knit the cardigan shown on the cover of this 1942 Woman and Home magazine. I’m hoping that the cardigan will turn out ok but the magazine itself is definitely a thing of beauty.

It is full of wonderful adverts such as “Persil Washes Gently ‘someone’s missus takes care of his shirts'” and “Don’t waste heat, keep your oven grease free – Kleenoff cleans cookers”, “How fuel can be saved…use Parazone to whiten your linens and cottons” and “Bairns Wear knitting wools – I heard Mummy saying how difficult it is to get Bairns Wear for knitting out woollies, so we will have to be careful – they’ve got to last a long time”

There are patterns for renervating a winter coat, making a skirt out of an old coat and a baby coat out of an old jacket.

A strange article on the danger of kissing… a pattern for a shopping bag “This Bag will save the wrapping paper – put your shopping in it instead of letting the shop wrap your groceries up in paper” (very topical)  – oh and Menopax for women of middle age “In Grandma’s day women had to put up with many things that today would not be tolerated…”

When I get back home I shall photocopy the cardigan pattern and return it as its far too delicate a magazine to put up with the usual abuse my patterns go through.

The cardigan itself is lovely but not something I would chose to knit as it is 100% rib (k2, p2) which I really disike and done on 3.25 and 2.25mm needles (I rarely use something so thin) – oh and the original yarn is 3ply so I’ve had to put a lot of work into working out how to get the right tension… and I’m having to knit it in stages as of course when you are knitting something to order it becomes much more important to get a correct fit…its getting rid of a lot of my usual lazy habits

Anyway I am now a sleeve and left front to the good and on monday it’s off to Hatfield with a batch of fitting instructions and on its return I suspect there will be a lot of frogging and reknitting…

Torture – but worth it for the joy of fondling this gem of history… I really miss my mum’s Pins and Needles magazines she had about 5 years worth dating from the late 60’s and early 60’s plus another batch from the mid 80’s – I used to spend hours reading my way through them…


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Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “A thing of beauty

  1. The magazine sounds fascinating – but I am really interested in the Water Aid auction. Auctioning off things that a person can do sounds like a really good idea!

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