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FO: Ripley the Elf Boy

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I fell in love with Ripley as soon as I saw it over on Ysolda, I knew that I had to knit it at some point between now and Christmas after I’d finished most of what is already on the needles.  I hadn’t anticipated making it so soon but its been very very wet here and we have spent the last 2 days of our holiday inside watching the rain fall on the garden.

Saturday morning I sloped off on my own to Kirby Lonsdale to do another charity shop trawl, but Kirby it would appear is too posh to have charity or secondhand shops so I ended up in the Craft Cottage again (and once again got led astray by a ball of noro ) who supplied me with a no 6mm circular and some aran.

This is a lovely pattern, its very er “architectural” and a joy to knit although the decreasing at the crown takes for ever. The Craft Cottage didn’t have the 6mm dpn recommended but fortunately you only use them for the band which is knitted back and forth (and I have a whole set of needles with me this holiday) and when it gets difficult on the crown – but I used the 4.5mm dpns I had with me for the last 6 rows.

I didn’t swatch as its not as if I could change to another circular needle or use different yarn, on this wet bank holiday weekend in the middle of nowhere I just have to make do with what I’ve got.

It’s for a friend. I hope it will fit. I’ve knitted the medium which appears to be a good fit for Spider who agreed to model for the photo as long as he didn’t have to wear it – “I look like an Elf Mummy, people laugh at people who look like an elf”. (its more purple than the picture shows it).

Still needs a bit of finishing as I don’t have a tapestry needle with me to tidy up the ends…anyway, back to the 4ply I guess…and the cleaning as its “going home time today”

august 2009 077Pattern Ripley (Ysolda Teague)

Yarn: King Cole Aran (pure Merino) in aubergine

Needles: 6mm circ and 4.5mm dpn

New:using a circular needle and the “pleats” used to gather up the back of the hat oh and this is my first Ysolda pattern.


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