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I have a number of draft post on knitting but not in the mood this evening. It’s been a difficult day and even though I think things have worked out for the best I doubt Spider would understand – but remind me next time, never promise things to children.

We were due to go to Brum today to the Imax to see one of the 3D dinosaur films they have, they do 3. Anyway for some reason I decided to log onto the website and check timing and which one was on, only to discover that it was not the underwater one but the only other one we have seen. Spider was keen to see it again whatever but unsurprisingly in view of how much it costs I was firm in my refusal… cue sulks all day.

But I maintain I was right as not only was there trouble in Birmingham today (no idea which bit) but we had a somewhat cold but good day watching the Vulcan just outside Leicester – which Spider loves, but because he was in a bad mood and tired all day he refused to join the fun – he’s so stubborn that boy (if my Mum is reading this then she is saying “He’s so like his mother at that age”).

But the day has finished well, I am watching Elizabethville which is a lovely feel good movie and wearing my latest skirt, which needs a hem, but its pretty and makes me feel good.

I am liking my sewing machine. It is making me happy, not as happy as knitting needles do, but I am having fun remembering what I’ve done in the past…I’m never going to be good, I’ve started too late in life (have I mentioned that my Mum used to make all my clothes when we were in the south pacific ?) but I love the speed in which you can put something you have designed into practice – sooooo much faster than knitting !

Since the age of 13 as far as I can recall I have made

1 x grey/red cotton dirndl skirt*

1 ball gown*

1 pair of lilac curtains

2 x cushion covers

1 x roman blind

1 x handkerchief point skirt

1 x polka dot skirt (dirndl)

1 x brown “velour” tube skirt

* indicates all the times I have made something using a pattern, what it doesn’t show is the things I have started out making using a pattern and haven’t finished. If I’m using a pattern I never seem to finish it, as it’s “meant” to look in a certain way. If I don’t use a pattern then I keep going working out what I’m meant to do until it looks like its meant to, and I will undo and redo again and again until it does… I follow knitting patterns, I am incapable of following a formal sewing pattern. I will experiment with sewing, but with knitting I follow the rules…


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