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We are trying to rationalise the house, to make it “work”, to make it so that you don’t have to spend 45 minutes trying to find something that you found easily the day before…this has mainly entailed taking the “office” to pieces and moving it’s contents into Teenager’s room for sorting – as usual we ran out of time and have ended up with an empty office and a spare room full of stuff – which wouldn’t have been a problem as Teenager doesn’t often sleep here but unfortunately Spider has popped into our bed at 4am in the morning the last 2 nights and wriggled around so much that Husband left to find somewhere he could have a less disturbed nights sleep only to remember that the spare bed (Teenager’s bed) is covered with the contents of the office.

I have been doing my bit. As well as finding a home for several bags of boys clothes and rather a lot of Duplo I finally managed to find a home for the Purple  Chemo Hat and Ripley finally headed north to it’s new home, a friend who possibly needed a bit of cheering up at the end of August but possibly doesn’t anymore …

I’ve almost finished the Bat Shawl (the black 4ply from the charity shop) – but have had to knit back as I got my right and wrong sides mixed up and didn’t realise it until 4 rows later (a row now consists of about 200 stitches so it’s taken time to correct my cock up).  The Tangerine torture is back from its recipient, the sleeve needs another inch but otherwise is fine, the left front  needs another inch, but will need to be frogged back to the beginning as I agreed with the auction winner that perhaps it needed the same needles all the way up rather than the first 4 inches being a finer rib as recommended in the pattern (ick…).

I’ve also made a start on my 3rd skirt, which is a Clothkit, ordered from them at the beginning of August when they were offering 25% everything bought that weekend – the Rob Ryan Long Skirt that I’d ordered however has turned out to be very popular and I had to wait whilst they reprinted – I was wondering whether it was worth making such a summery lightweight skirt in autumn, but the weather this weekend has been better than most of the rest of the summer.


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