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FO: September Safari

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At some point there will be a photo of the skirt that I made at the beginning of September. It has been waiting since then for me to take it round to my Mum’s where I will be begging for help with hemming it, and it has been waiting for me to photograph it – but with the nights starting to get shorter I’m finding it difficult to take a decent pic -may have to break out the SLR and do it properly.

The details

Thread – bought in Cardiff market 95p

Material a sort of velvet jersey with sequins in a lovely chocolate brown colour (£3)

Waist: Elasticated, Leopard print, about 2 inches wide, purchased in a job lot from Croft Mill in 1995 (£1)

This is so cheap, so comfortable and looks fantastic in a weird Bet Lynch sort of way. Very easy to make it involved 1 seam and then sewing the waist to the elastic. Unfortunately I then had the bright idea of trying to neaten things off with bias binding wich I sewed around the seam where the waist joined the elastic, forgetting that if you sew what is basically a ring of non elastic material around the top of a skirt then you won’t be able to get it over your hips because IT DOESN’T STRETCH !!! Boy do I feel stupid or what !!!!

So I had to clip all the way around the circle to make it slightly less inelastic  – still need to tidy it up, but have been waiting to hem it before finishing it off – not stopped me wearing it, and although it was made for slobbing round the house in, it’s actually pretty cool and I may wear it out if Husband ever takes me out to dinner somewhere interesting…. photo to follow shortly.


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